Data Generation Gap: Younger IT Workers Believe The Hype – InformationWeek

There’s a growing generation gap when it comes the promise of revenues from data-driven projects. Where younger workers see the future, older workers may only see another cycle of tech hype.

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Project Managers can help bridge the communication gap when new Big Data and Analytics initiatives are launched.  According to an IDG Enterprise  study younger staff generally believe the transformational project benefits while seasoned employees have been through many hype cycles & may have more questions about project value.


Why is this discussion important?   There are a lot of data-driven transformation projects in the works! IDG Enterprise states that 53% of companies surveyed are currently implementing, or planning to implement, data-driven projects within the next 12 months. Data-driven projects as those launched with the goal of generating greater value from existing data.


My thoughts are that Project Managers can work with key Team Members to ensure that projects are:

  • linked to strategic objectives

  • the value chain of activities or the customer touch points are identified

  • understanding of how project features will help these challenges are clearly identified in the roadmap

  • user education and socialization of the technologies used is part of the project plan


All these actions drive understanding of the project value & transparency of benefits. This ensures non-hype communication to all stakeholders, regardless of age, geography, and role.

4 intelligent elements of successful digital transformation

Don’t flirt with digital – give it the respect it deserves. Those who don’t act will fall behind quickly

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Digital transformation is a whole-scale change to the foundational aspects of a business – from the business operating models to infrastructure – through the application of digital technology.

In Sopra Steria’s recent survey of 120 FTSE 500 companies, the majority (64%) said they implemented digital projects to update their existing legacy infrastructure, streamline processes and reduce costs.

However, many (60%) also said they are seeking to increase customer engagement by improving the experience they offer their customers.

But according to research by Sopra Steria, it is not necessarily a determinant of success – 84% of organisations confess they could be better exploiting digital.
There are four intelligent elements that form the basis of a rewarding relationship with digital.

  1. ‘Deep thinking’ about the business context
    Always make sure you have a clear understanding of the business goals you are pursuing.

  2. Commitment to ‘sustained value’
    Deliver results – however minimally viable – early and keep focusing on building outcomes forever. There is no steady state.

  3. Rely on ‘networked knowledge’
    Build a platform of partners that will enable you to get the best help when you need it.

  4. See your relationship with digital in terms of building a ‘fluid enterprise’
    A successful digital venture is agile, lean and able to adapt to the future demands of business change.

5 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Your Resilience When Going Through Hell – Inc.

Snippet - Hell - FB Post

Inc. magazine shared an article which is like a ray of sunshine. Marissa Levin provides practical tips and techniques as we go through tough situations. As project leaders, we have this incredible opportunity to influence our industry and others lives.  Yet, we live against a drumbeat of pressure for timelines and tyrannical requests. I particulary like defining our wins which is celebrating our successes. It helps me balance the cra cra (idiom for crazy) that may be going through my mind.  Which perspective or tip works for you?

Holiday Project Management Speaker Series

Hire Rosemary Hossenlopp and Santa Dave Davis

Project Manager Speakers

Holiday Project Management Speakers

Santa’s 2016 Holiday Dilemma: What are the Business Benefits of Transitioning to Drone Delivery?

Rosemary and Santa are again presenting another techy, geeky and totally entertaining Holiday talk. This talk can be delivered to your team via webinar or onsite.

What will we be sharing?  Santa has just created an Innovation PMO charged with Operational Efficiency. The PMO created a portfolio process with suggestions for 10x process improvement ideas. One of the business case “winners” is drone delivery. Rosemary & Santa Dave will share with you how to evaluate the business benefits associated with this business idea.  We invite you to join us as we project whether to have the elves leap to implement this or stop this sugar-coated-candy cane of a silly idea as maybe this project idea is caught in the fog of cloud-business hype.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating line of sight to strategic outcomes, and
  • Analyzing technical, operational, customer & employee e.g., elf risks and
  • Customer Journey Mapping Polls e.g., how will drone eat the cookie, and
  • Counter executive enthusiasm about new tech with change management principals

This presentation continues the previous series:

  • Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer Use Case
  • Santa Inc. explains Organizational Project Management – Linking strategy and results
  • Santa Inc. goes to Big Data