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There’s a growing generation gap when it comes the promise of revenues from data-driven projects. Where younger workers see the future, older workers may only see another cycle of tech hype.

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Project Managers can help bridge the communication gap when new Big Data and Analytics initiatives are launched.  According to an IDG Enterprise  study younger staff generally believe the transformational project benefits while seasoned employees have been through many hype cycles & may have more questions about project value.


Why is this discussion important?   There are a lot of data-driven transformation projects in the works! IDG Enterprise states that 53% of companies surveyed are currently implementing, or planning to implement, data-driven projects within the next 12 months. Data-driven projects as those launched with the goal of generating greater value from existing data.


My thoughts are that Project Managers can work with key Team Members to ensure that projects are:

  • linked to strategic objectives

  • the value chain of activities or the customer touch points are identified

  • understanding of how project features will help these challenges are clearly identified in the roadmap

  • user education and socialization of the technologies used is part of the project plan


All these actions drive understanding of the project value & transparency of benefits. This ensures non-hype communication to all stakeholders, regardless of age, geography, and role.

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