Extracting Insights from Vast Stores of Data

Here’s how Amazon Prime, Heineken, and BuzzFeed do Analytics.

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Do you ever see an article you wish you wrote? Well HBR article is it for me as I believe in chasing the business problem vs only looking at only the data & anticipating that it may provide insight. HBR agrees & counters the common wisdom of looking at data first to “find” insights and instead states that “Companies that have been successful in harnessing the power of data start with a specific business problem and then seek data to help in their decision making.”  It then provides 3 examples; Amazon Prime, Heineken and Buzz Feed. A short yet powerful read!  https://hbr.org/2016/08/extracting-insights-from-vast-stores-of-data?

The Hidden Side Effects of Using Big Data to Better Understand Your Customers

Learn what common pitfalls to avoid when using big data to improve customer service and grow customer relationships

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Analytics Project managers! Outstanding overview of use cases and challenges of working with Big Data.  And an amusing definition of Big Data -> hint – its messy:-)