4 intelligent elements of successful digital transformation

Don’t flirt with digital – give it the respect it deserves. Those who don’t act will fall behind quickly

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Digital transformation is a whole-scale change to the foundational aspects of a business – from the business operating models to infrastructure – through the application of digital technology.

In Sopra Steria’s recent survey of 120 FTSE 500 companies, the majority (64%) said they implemented digital projects to update their existing legacy infrastructure, streamline processes and reduce costs.

However, many (60%) also said they are seeking to increase customer engagement by improving the experience they offer their customers.

But according to research by Sopra Steria, it is not necessarily a determinant of success – 84% of organisations confess they could be better exploiting digital.
There are four intelligent elements that form the basis of a rewarding relationship with digital.

  1. ‘Deep thinking’ about the business context
    Always make sure you have a clear understanding of the business goals you are pursuing.

  2. Commitment to ‘sustained value’
    Deliver results – however minimally viable – early and keep focusing on building outcomes forever. There is no steady state.

  3. Rely on ‘networked knowledge’
    Build a platform of partners that will enable you to get the best help when you need it.

  4. See your relationship with digital in terms of building a ‘fluid enterprise’
    A successful digital venture is agile, lean and able to adapt to the future demands of business change.