Mobilized: An Insider’s Guide to the Business and Future of Connected Technology

by SC Moatti

MobilizedThis is a must read for every Mobile Project Manager and Product Developer. It is an intelligent read of both the trends in the mobile industry and a lens for which all Product Owners and Entrepreneurs must approach mobile development.

No Simplistic Step by Step Guidebook

SC deftly provides rules and examples for mobile application examples in this book. No product is the same. No market is the same. No company or entrepreneur is the same. Any approach which suggests growth hacking success through a sequential process is flawed.


This is Mentoring in a Book

SC presents three rules for developing compelling mobile products. She goes into specific principles for these rules and SC presented guiding principles for both design elements and business model mindsets. Priceless!

Lean Startup Thanks!

Also a special callout to the Lean Startup team for hosting this event. Love the energy, education and evangelism of:
Melissa Z Moore. Melissa is co-founder of Lean Startup Co. and Executive Producer of Lean Startup Week, the company’s flagship product. As the executive producer, Melissa is responsible for strategy and revenue, and oversees the conference production teams, and
Anita Law who is Lean Startup Co.’s Fantastic Business Development Manager.

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