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Big Data Conference Interview

Analytics Conference

Analytics Project Management Interview

Global Big Data Conference is beginning shortly. Pictured below (on the left) is General Keynote Session Speaker Dr. Zhongcai Zhang on The Role Of CAO: A Practitioner’s Perspective (Zhongcai Zhang, Chief Analytics Officer, New York Community Bancorp)

Just had a great conversation with KRS Murthy (pictured on the right), the conference Technical chair, serial entrepreneur and strategic advisor to the new University of California (UC) Merced campus. I asked him on the “State of Analytics Project Management.”

He had several industry observations:
1) Industry is new so Anyone can call themselves Project Management (or fill in the blank) Expert
2) Therefore, organizations launching new Big Data initiatives can fall prey to the Blind Leading the Blind.
3) This is exacerbated by a global university talent shortage

Key Next Steps: Take a holistic approach to data science e.g., strategists, product management, UX/UE, data science and engineering, domain expertise and PROJECT MANAGERS:-) KRS (I took editing liberty to emphasize Project Management – Laughing)

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