How the Big Data Explosion Has Changed Decision Making

The Big Data Era balancing act between being open to stakeholder input on Data Governance  and being fast to innovation.

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Intriguing Insights On How the Big Data Has Changed Decision Making 


I agree with Michael Schrage’s HBR article that “Organizations I work with increasingly struggle to straddle two painfully polarizing operating principles. On the one hand, they desperately seek greater agility; on the other, they genuinely want to include all the right stakeholders in their processes.”

How does that data get shared (inclusiveness)? And how does the organization effectively take advantage of that data (agility)?”


Also he applies this question to “digitalization, data, and analytics. Who has the right to access, process, and share data has become the greatest source of opportunity and contention in the enterprise.


This article provides a mobile app case study where product management strategy moved from Innovation to Customer Experience and used Decision Rights to dramatically improve organizational agility.


What are Decision Rights?
Schrage work refers to Jensens’ work on the subtle and brilliant insight was that the right to make decisions — not just the ability to perform or be responsible for tasks — is essential to organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Consequently, assigning and allocating decision rights is every bit as organizationally important as defining jobs, roles, and tasks. In that light, decision rights can and should be seen as a managerial mechanism for empowerment. The greater your or your team’s decision rights, the more empowered and accountable you are.  Source:


“The RACI framework offers an excellent real-world instantiation of Jensen’s decision rights approach:

  • Responsible. Who is completing the task?
    – Accountable. Who is making decisions and taking actions on the task?
    – Consulted. Who will be communicated with regarding decisions and tasks?
    – Informed. Who will be updated on decisions and actions during the project/process?”


This article is a quick read and breaths new application life into the valuable RACI model.