Holiday Project Management Speaker Series

Hire Rosemary Hossenlopp and Santa Dave Davis

Project Manager Speakers

Holiday Project Management Speakers

Santa’s 2016 Holiday Dilemma: What are the Business Benefits of Transitioning to Drone Delivery?

Rosemary and Santa are again presenting another techy, geeky and totally entertaining Holiday talk. This talk can be delivered to your team via webinar or onsite.

What will we be sharing?  Santa has just created an Innovation PMO charged with Operational Efficiency. The PMO created a portfolio process with suggestions for 10x process improvement ideas. One of the business case “winners” is drone delivery. Rosemary & Santa Dave will share with you how to evaluate the business benefits associated with this business idea.  We invite you to join us as we project whether to have the elves leap to implement this or stop this sugar-coated-candy cane of a silly idea as maybe this project idea is caught in the fog of cloud-business hype.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating line of sight to strategic outcomes, and
  • Analyzing technical, operational, customer & employee e.g., elf risks and
  • Customer Journey Mapping Polls e.g., how will drone eat the cookie, and
  • Counter executive enthusiasm about new tech with change management principals

This presentation continues the previous series:

  • Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer Use Case
  • Santa Inc. explains Organizational Project Management – Linking strategy and results
  • Santa Inc. goes to Big Data