The New IT: Driving Business Innovation With Technology

Andi Mann, chief technology advocate at Splunk, sees major changes afoot in how IT and business are aligning.

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I believe that Business Leaders don’t want Organizational Project Management (OPM,) they want the benefits which OPM can provide. Andi Mann, chief technology advocate at Splunk, provides a 4 minute blog which through our project management lens provides validation of the value of OPM without using our language. Big Takeaway – Talk the language of business & innovation and don’t force executives to translate our project management language.

First Andi Mann indirectly defines OPM: “Connecting IT delivery directly with business goals is enabling the company to make data-driven technology decisions, creating measurably better business outcomes.”

Second Andi combines both technology and business approaches. He states “To stay competitive:
– organizations need to drive innovation, not only with their products and services, (for example Cloud and common Data Fabric) but
– also in business approaches and finding new strategies to exceed business goals.” (for example Dev Ops)

He also indirectly summarizes OPM benefits. “Aligning IT with business goals from the get-go gives companies a competitive edge and sets the standard for success.”

Great short read for any project management professional.